Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Market is Toast.

Get out with the shirt still on your back.

My last post was in May, 2008. Here we are a year later and impulse is on me again. Spring Fever? I have a lot on my mind these days. And I've often made predictions that came true and not acted on those predictions. I don't have time this morning to refine all the crazy ideas rumbling around so I'll make a focused prediction...

The Stock Market is going to spiral ever downward. If you look at the Dow Jones Industrial average for 1929 to 1939, it took three years from Black Tuesday till the market hit bottom with a lot of false up ticks on the way. We are only still only 6 months past the current crash.

A stable currency is an essential ingredient to economic health. Truly essential. Without it people can not form financial contracts. Everything stops. What is the US doing? Debasing the currency and giving endless fiat money to the same crooks that have been ripping us off for the last 20 deregulated years... with nothing of value for the folks that actually get real work done and need a place to be and thrive. And pushing mortgage and civil law paper around while security guards watch the door creates nothing of value.

Everyone needs place, purpose, and security in addition to food, clothing, and shelter. The current system is continually eroding the middle class and turning the foolish masses into debt slaves. Soon the ugly choice will be upon us: Enter into bondage and pay our debt to the world. Or tell the world to bugger off and push the reset button. Either way dollar denominated value is toast.

My recommendation (which I am not executing on myself): Buy a farm. Literally.

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