Friday, May 09, 2008

Cradle To Cradle

Cradle To Cradle is IT!    A keystone in delivering a human future.  

Its actually gaining some traction in the media.   My dutch corporate masters and their city governments are even jumping onto it.

The whole reason to create and write this blog can be summed up as "We must create an environment that is designed for people to thrive in.   Otherwise we will be out-competed by other organisms, become obsolete, and become extinct."   This is our physical environment.   Our industrial and electronic creations and Internet institutions can be included in the organism category.   The Cradle To Cradle movement is all about the physical side of things.  

The only thing missing is the politics and process to transition our current world to a C2C world.   I still believe ideology and politics are a response to environmental forces.   The entire environmental movement exists as a human problem solving response to the pollution in our industrial world.   Without life threatening pollution, environmentalism would not be on the political radar.

We still need to think beyond our physical needs to the physical environment that satisfies our ethical, emotional, and political needs.   If we create a magical C2C world that resembles Brave New World or 1984 what then?  

Population density and population control are still the number one threat to our peaceful generous democratic political life.

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